About Relief

Hey Fellow Warriors!!!

I’m so happy you’ve found Relief Natural Company, LLC. My name is Katie-Marie  owner and operator of Relief Natural Co. As a member of the Hidradenitis Suppurativa community, this is a labor of love to provide the safest, healthiest, and most of all natural products to other warriors.


At a young age, I went from doctor to doctor with no answers, finally finding a dermatologist.. Antibiotics soap, lancing, gaze pads…oh my!!! This was my life, besides the pain and boils, which I could hide, I started progressing to stage III in the under arm area. While other abscesses started to make their debut under my breast and groin area. None of my normal remedies were working anymore. 


I turned to a more natural lifestyle, watching out for triggers and using natural ingredients that helped to promote health skin, drawing out toxins, and aided to reduce the prominent smells that came with HS. Once my products had proven that they worked for myself as well as others, Relief Natural Company, LLC was born.