Mini Warm Compress Satchel

Mini Warm Compress Satchel

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Get Rid Of Boils With our Exclusive Warm Compress Satchels

The most popular treatment option for various ailments is now available at The Relief Natural. Have clogged pores? Tired of over-occurring boils? No worries!  Relief Natural is bringing for you Warm Compress Satchels that is enough to help ease your current flare up issues.

Promoting expression and easing of pain, is made possible because these stachels improve the blood flow to the suffered area. The greater the blood, the better the oxygen and the nutrition and eventually better the skin health.

Now, draining painful cysts gets easier with these.

The Filler Materials can be:

✅ Long-grain rice

✅ Dried Cherry Pits

✅ Epsom salts

✅ Barley/Millet Grains

Here’s Why Warm Compress Satchels Works:

✅ It reduces the pain and improves the healing process tremendously.

✅ It hydrates the boil affected area and helps the boil to get alleviated 

✅ Within 3 days, it can burst by itself and relieve you of its pain.

How To Use Warm Compress Satchels?

Just 2 steps and you’re done:

Step # 1: Place the Mini Warm Compress Satchels in the microwave for just 30seconds. Then give it incremental heating for 15 seconds until it feels hot. Heat the bearable.

Step # 2: Compress it over the itchy area for about 10-minutes. And that’s all!